Stay Sick, Stay Sick EP

by Cheekbone

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released December 8, 2012

Cheekbone: Andy, James, and Vincent.

Tracking: Krum


tags: punk Milwaukee


all rights reserved


Cheekbone Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A few friends, a basement, and Milwaukee.

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Track Name: Intro
These days there's not enough gravity to pull me towards the one's I love so I guess that I'll be drifting away slowly.
Track Name: So It Goes
Well, I guess we just grew apart. Well, I guess we, we're growing apart. It's a distance too far to walk. One hundred miles between, the yellow lines stretch too far to grasp.

There's not much left of this...
Track Name: Beside the Law Library, Under the Gingko Tree
Trapped inside of all my thoughts, I fear letting them all out. I'm filled with one-million doubts. Let's light another cigarette, talk, do anything at all. I hope this dies out. And it flows between us...don't be confused I'll just leave us be and we'll continue to be happy. It's on the tip of my tongue . Is it worth it? Looks, feels beautiful right here, right now. Don't get too comfortable. Here's where passion burns me whole. Never been to fond of acceptance. Leave it to me to not be satisfied with what I've got. So I fucked it up. I pray this heals, but now it just looks like it'll scar. It's on the tip of my tongue. It isn't worth it.
Track Name: Spacey
So tell me kid, how's the view from underneath your covers? I bet you're seeing for miles and miles and miles and miles. Is it everything you hoped it would be, your opium blanket, pseudo lucid dream? I just hope you finally found peace. It seems it's the only place, this place that you speak of. Just before we part there's something I want you to know: It's all a dream. Your life's a dream. You're there alone, not with the one's that you love. No, we're here. We're here and we're fading away, because we've been outsourced your distorted perceptions of us. No, we're not here laughing with you. We're miserable and we want you to come back home.

"Just let me explain myself: these days I don't quite feel like myself, with each morning it gets harder to wake up, and I just don't see an end to this..."

Sure, and that's all fine, but this isn't the ending credits. This is the final scene. And this time I get the last words: Stay sick, stay sick.

Why ever get better?